Our Program : Child Development

Teaching, learning and curriculum: ensuring both academic rigour and empowerment

Ensuring both academic rigor and building-in experiences that help students overcome their socialization as well as allows them to develop an alternative world view, fills them with aspirations of a transformed life and gives them confidence to explore the opportunities is an important objective of residential schools for students coming from deprived contexts. VJSS have been successful in building in the elements of empowerment but have sometimes been questioned on the issue of academic rigor. A perusal of all together throws the following principles and practices as being critical ones for success; some are integrated at policy level while others are a matter of institutional shifts and more creative planning for implementation

Creative use of library, exposure trips and inter-school competition

Creative use of known teaching –learning experiences such as the use of library, exposure trips and inter-school competitions to strengthen learning and generate greater confidence among students emerged as an important distinguishing feature; how these processes are planned and carried out determines whether it is a good practice or not. Mere presence of library is not enough but planning particular activities around that (e.g., quiz on achievers whose biographies are available in the library) ensures reinforcement of academic learning as well as opens up new ideas and aspirations. Similarly, travel to a historical place itself could be an enjoyable , watching a film made on a celebrated athlete or a travel to historical town like Puri, where a number of reflective and interactive exercises (discussions, preparing project reports) follow the act again add to the academic learning and to confidence/aspiration building. Similarly, Inter-school competitions have been Organised for promoting and showcasing individual as well as group skills, and boosts confidence. What is important here is that all these are also planned well and integrated clearly to the dual curricular objectives.

Education Centre for Children under one roof

It is widely perceived that education is the dire need for economic and social development. It is crucial for building human capabilities and for providing opportunities in different sectors. It is observed that a numbers of students who are orphans were there in different part of Odisha and was leading a very low profile. Due to non availability of any educations or other support services they were debarred from getting the minimum standard of education. So realizing the fact & urgency by the collective effort of some dedicate & committed persons of the area the Child Care Home has been established to provide education & other support service to such children for their development & future sustainability.

Staff Orientation Programme

Training for Teachers of Open Shelter for children in need was organized under the guidance of experts invited as Facilitators . Twelve (12) staffs were trained & encouraged. The Facilitator imparted training on various contexts of ancient education and modern education and the methods to deal with Children in distress. The topics covered were teaching methodology on the subject, different skills to be developed among the students, teacher’s skill, dealing with the students and class, child psychology, social reformation, balancing between spiritual and modern education, Role & Responsibility of Staff at VJSS.

Promotion of Yoga

VJSS has been extending services of Yoga & Pranayam to the children and inmates residing at CCI. The aim of promoting yoga education is not only to impart knowledge but most important to filter the hidden talents and potentialities of the children and inmates which helps them to develop physically, intellectually, morally, healthy and spiritually. It will help them in keeping the body, mind in sound condition. The services of Yoga Expert are utilized for the above Pranayam and Yoga asanas.

Organization of Competitions

VJSS organized different competitions for students in order to gain confidence and assess knowledge of the children and inmates and to create a platform for them to share their views and idea make them confident and fearless in different sectors. Every year the Child Home conducts Competition like debate, essay & song based on the current topics. Winners of all the competitions were awarded with prizes and certificates of appreciations.

Cultural Programme

VJSS organize song and music classes thrice a week for the interested children and inmates in the Education Centre to expose their hidden talents. During the reporting period, we organized Drama and Dance Programmes. Thirty-three children and inmates participated in the programme.

Assessment Tests and Examination

To know the progress of the children and inmates studying at our Centre, we usually conduct Assessment, Unit tests & examination for the students on regular basis. It helps a lot to the Teachers to know the progress of the learners and prepare them accordingly.

Annual Sports

VJSS conducts annual sports for the children and inmates of the CCIs. This helps in to build a good physique of the inmates. Usually we conduct running race, long jump, high jump, shot put, discus throw, skipping rope, potato race etc. The winners were awarded with prizes and gifts.

Training On Judo Karate & Kung fu

However, along with Yoga like previous year the students were also provided training on judo & Karate & kung fu. Expert was engaged to train the inmates on different aspects of judo, karate & kung fu. This training will build the physique of the inmates in protection of self.