Live CCTV Camera Login process :

First Need to Download the Software for the PC / Android APP
-   For Windows: Download the KVMS Pro software for your Windows PC >> Click here to download or Click here
-   For Android: Download gCMOB APP then Install. >> Click here to download
After installation use the following login credential to view the live CCTV Camera from our different Project locations as follows :

Sl No Our Project Locations Serial Number
1 Senior Citizen Home, Khordha 1911011696003903
2 Senior Citizen Home, Nirakarpur 1911011696003771
3 Senior Citizen Home for 50 Elderly Women, Tangi 2008011696002978
4 Senior Citizen Home, Mangarajpur 2003011696003405
5 Senior Citizen Home, Mangalajodi 2003011696002627
6 Senior Citizen Home, Motta 1911011696003906
7 Senior Citizen Home, Ogalpur 1911011696003913
8 Senior Citizen Home, Kantabada 1911011696003793
9 IRCA, Khordha 1911011696003895
10 IRCA, Boudh 2008011696003070
11 ODIC, Bhubaneswar 1911011696005646
12 CPLI , Bhubaneswar 2008011778003678
13 ODIC, Boudh 2008011696003061
14 Residental Primary School for SCs Students, Narangarh 1911011696003787
15 Residental Primary School for SCs Students, Kaleswar 2009011696004047

DVR ID, User ID, Password given to Ministry through e-mail and given in e-Annudan portal also please follow.