Sustained change in the standard of poor, marginalized and deprived families of Odisha with ensuring the most transparent, vibrant and participatory development process where equal opportunities and individual human rights achieved by all, diversities be considered as our strength and resource towards our prosperity, people to realize democratic and humanitarian value and ingredients of a plural society. Our VISION is to develop the Villages in terms of world standard comparable sustainable human development index and indices of the quality of life.


    Empowerment of the people by enhancing their capacities and help them to overcome their multiple needs and disadvantages at grass root level through individual and collective pursuits. Make the disadvantaged groups self sufficient live with healthy, dignity, equality and self-respect. “ EQUITY AND EQUALITY”.


    We value participation and cooperation to carry out the objectives with due attention on communal harmony, peace, love and non-violence. We respect human values, dignity of poor and Voice of the marginalized.

Main Objectives

  • To establish, operate and manage SHELTER HOMES for children and to develop their mental, physical and moral Faculty to enable to be good citizens of India.
  • To arrange for providing Nutrition food, cloths, shelter, education/ livelihood opportunities to the children , elders and women in socio economic difficult circumstances in collaboration with agencies who are engaged in such activities.
  • The aims and objectives of this society is to render selfless works of charity and services aiming at the improvement of the tribal area by imparting proper education, special emphasis will be given to the poor SC & ST, girl children and school dropout students.
  • To Provide basic Education to the illiterate and backward section of the community with focus on functional / digital literacy.
  • To promote welfare of the society specially in rural areas by imparting education and skill development in the field of arts, science, literature, commerce, agriculture, rural technology, alternate energy, music, sports, health, physical education through formal and non formal modes of education.
  • To undertake welfare activities for socially backwards, DIVYANGs, Tribal for promotion of their moral, social, educational and physical improvement. In India.
  • To undertake welfare activities for socially backwards, DIVYANGs, Tribal for promotion of their moral, social, educational and physical improvement. In India.
  • The society shall spread different health & education development programs to make the people conscious of health in tribal areas and to provide medicines and immunization supports to the people.
  • To aware people about major diseases like AIDS, T.B, MALARIA, CANCER and other communicable and non communicable diseases and its preventions.
  • To promote health of the people in the rural areas, especially for weaker and economically poor sections through arranging medical/health camps, arranging health awareness programs, yoga camps, setting up medical institutions, dispensaries Maa Gruha etc. and organizing different types of cultural and social activities.
  • To propound way of life, improvement of physical health, social & personnel behaviors of public through Yoga and to promote national interest among general public of India.
  • To promote family planning and Health awareness to improve life style, medical health care and other social values for better care of citizen of India particularly in rural area.
  • To encourage and Develop Biological and ecological standardizations of Indigenous Medicinal plants.
  • To, promote land, water, forest and other NRM activities for the conservation of environment and promotion of socio-economic welfare of the project areas and improve the living condition of the people.
  • To, undertake tree plantation, social forestry, animal husbandry, and development of irrigation resources, conservation of water and soil and improvement in herbal productivity.
  • Contribute towards the development, maintenance, sustainability and productivity of Livestock, Agriculture and Forestry sectors.
  • Promotes NTFP, Medicinal collection, Processing, Marketing and pre and post management of NTFP products and linkage to higher market through collective marketing and cluster approach.
  • Promote, protect and maintain sacred groves and traditional tribal culture for forest protection.
  • Support on creation of new VSS (Vana Sangrakhyana Samiti and promote community management in forest protection and judicial use of forest products for the benefits of the poor.
  • Promote local use of forest base medicines and conserve local knowledge of healing. Conserve, Promote and develop medicinal plants and promote for conserving traditional healing system (Ayurveda).