With the wave of time spreading its wings to infinite, our organization extended its activities from centre based carrying initiatives to wider community development programmes. As it’s strongly believes that people should not be the passive beneficiaries but the active actors of development process. Our Organization with the help of its workers tried put the community at the centre stage of development. With the hand holding support from many friends in and out the country, VJSS is marching ahead to craft some designated regions free of hunger, ignorance, disability, destitution and desperation. Simultaneously, it emphasizes sensitization, empowerment and capacity building of community for sustainable development through various action research programmes. Being a civil soldier of the country let us take the oath of solidarity and contribute a shoulder -to -shoulder efforts with an approach “ Think for others” .Day will come dreams comes true. While bringing out this report, I have the honor to congratulate all my co-workers, collaborators, team mates, funding Partners, donors, bankers, guiding agencies, supporters all government authorities and other stake holders. In expressing my indebtedness on behalf of the organization for their all round support for building and bringing up the reputation of our organization at a national magnitude through their self less volunteering attitude and hard work in their respective focused areas and in proactive manner.

I am hopeful and confident that the same spirit will prevail all the way in the time to come and all the stakeholders of the organization will keep continue their wholehearted support in the same manner.